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In 2001, approximately forty-seven (47) former juvenile detainees filed suit in various state and federal courts claiming that, while being incarcerated at the DYS Chaldville facility, they were physically and/or sexually abused by various DYS employees. The plaintiffs asserted Title IX claims against DYS, and various constitutional and state law claims against DYS supervisors and employees.
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Means Gillis Law, PC was appointed by the Attorney General of Alabama to represent DYS and the supervisory defendants in this complex litigation matter. To date, the firm has been successful in having the supervisory defendants dismissed on the grounds of qualified immunity in the federal courts. Other options for summary judgment are currently pending in the respective courts.

In addition, Means Gillis Law, PC also represented DYS in a series of Title VII cases that have been filed against DYS by employees who were terminated for their involvement in this matter.

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