Products Liability Cases

Defective Water Heater Case

Our Clients purchased a water heater and attached it to an LP gas system. The gas water heater was made for natural gas, but did not include a warning of the difference between LP gas and natural gas. The company that old the unit advertised that the hot water heater could not be installed by the consumer. We were able to prove that there is a difference in the way LP gas and natural gas combust. We were also able to prove that without proper instructions, hot water heaters could not be easily installed. Evidence we uncovered also showed that the LP gas company negligently inspected the installation of the hot water heater. As a result of the negligence of the LP gas company, and because of the negligent design and warning of the hot water heater, one family member died and four others were seriously injured.

Defective Skylight Case

A worker at an industrial site fell through a skylight and suffered catastrophic injury. The skylight was improperly designed, installed and maintained.

Apartment Complex Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Cases

Two people died from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a water heater that was defective and improperly maintained. Although the family occupying the apartment had called the gas company to inspect the water heater, it was not brought up to working order. We filed a lawsuit on behalf of the family of the two people who died and were able to prove that the owner of the apartment complex was negligent in the maintenance of the water heater and that the gas company was negligent in its inspection of the water heater.

A family of three rented an apartment house that was governed by the federal government Section 8 program. The family died one evening from carbon monoxide poisoning because a space heater had been vented into a capped off chimney. The carbon monoxide (product of combustion) was unable to escape through the chimney and was returned into the family’s bedroom. We were able to prove that the landlord negligently capped the chimney, that the housing authority negligently inspected the apartment for occupation and that the gas company negligently inspected the space heater and venting system.

Defective Tire Case

The rear wheel tandem of a commercial dump truck disengaged and rolled over a pedestrian and fatally injured him in the presence of his minor child. We were able to prove that the trucking company negligently performed its pre-trip inspection and also, that the tire service center that serviced the wheel negligently stripped its mounting lugs.

Rollover Case

Two people were killed as a result of injuries suffered in a conversion van rollover. We were able to prove that the van manufacturer failed to manufacture, test and assemble conversion vans that were safe for use. Specifically, the conversion van used a window system that would pop out upon impact thereby allowing its occupants to be ejected and killed.

Hotel Pool Injury Case

A Georgia high school student on a band trip suffered severe brain injury when he almost drowned in a hotel swimming pool in Texas. The hotel negligently failed to properly maintain the pool. The water in the pool had become so cloudy that efforts to rescue the student were delayed for critical minutes. We were able to prove that the hotel’s negligence in failing to properly maintain the pool delayed timely rescue attempts resulting in the student’s catastrophic brain injury.

Aircraft Case

An Alabama native soldier stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY died in an airplane crash in Newfoundland, Canada. We were able to prove that the airplane crash was caused by an improperly maintained aircraft. We were also able to prove that the crew of the airplane failed to properly de-ice the plane before takeoff.

Apartment Complex Fire Cases

An eight-year-old was killed in a fire in an apartment complex that had not been built in compliance with existing fire codes and standards. Through our aggressive investigation of the incident, we were able to prove that the apartment complex did not have a fire sprinkler system or a secondary means of exit as required by the applicable fire code and standards. The absence of a sprinkler system and a secondary means of exit prevented the eight-year-old from escaping the flames.

A handicapped man was trapped in an apartment complex fire and burned to death. In this case, we were able to prove that the apartments in the complex were not equipped with working smoke detectors or a sprinkler system and that burglar bars on the windows blocked the secondary means of exit from the apartments.

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