Surfaces that Commonly Lead to Slip and Fall Injuries

That nasty banana peel is not the only hazard out there that can cause a slip and fall injury.  In fact, there are certain types of walking surfaces that can commonly lead to slip and falls.  Sidewalks, store entrances, interior flooring surfaces and others can create a hazard, even in the absence of a foreign substance on the floor.

Sidewalk, driveways, and roadways in poor condition

Maintaining a sidewalk or driveway in a safe condition is a duty of all premises owners, in order to minimize slip and fall injuries.  Unfortunately, some businesses underestimate how common a fall can be, particularly in high traffic areas. The best way to be proactive in this regard, is to conduct regular inspections of driveways and sidewalks, so that dangerous conditions can be eliminated as soon as reasonably possible.  These areas need to be free of cracks, potholes or any other tripping hazards, including loose rock or gravel, which can make a surface uneven.

Indoor flooring hazards

Dangerous conditions such as torn carpeting, unexpected transitions in the type of flooring, poor lighting, narrow stairways, or slippery floors are also very common causes of slip and fall injuries. Wear and tear from continued use can make indoor flooring, as well as stairways, dangerous.  Also, floors that have been recently waxed or polished are very slippery and dangerous to pedestrians.  While the need to wax floors is understandable, adequate warning must be made visible in order to eliminate liability for any potential slip and fall injuries.

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